Nirman Shelters (Bangalore) Pvt. Ltd.


Trademark shown above, name, style, symbol & wordings is registered under SERVICE PROVIDERS (Body incorporate) in Class 36 Under Trade mark act vide license no.1784566 dated 12.02.2009 in the name of M/s.Nirman Shelters (B) PVt. Ltd., a Company incorporated under Indian Companies Act 1956.

Office of M/s.Nirman Shelters (B), is functioning at its Head office vide No.36/2, Ist Floor, Patalamma Temple Street, Near Southend Circle, Basavangudi, Bangalore – 560004 established and governed by its Chairman and Managing Director V.Lakshminarayan & Sri.S.M.Patil, Advocate, High Court of Karnataka is another Director. Other than these two there are no other Directors in this Company.

Nirman Shelters (B) Pvt Ltd., is operating under the Nirman Group of Institutions comprising of the following units:-

1. Nirman Shelters (B) Pvt. Ltd.:- (Housing Industry) – This deals with formation of Residential Layouts, Construction of Apartments, Villas and other construction activities.

2. VLN Prabuddhalaya and Vatsalya:- (Senior Citizen’s Home) – This is a Sr.Citizen’s Home with 2 Units located at No.748A and 206-NE, Nisarga Residential Layout, Bannerghatta Post, Bangalore – 560083 established during 2008 and one unit located in Sy No.48, Mahanthalingapura Village, Jigani Hobli, Bangalore-560105.

3. PREMA:- This is registered charitable Trust meaning Prabuddhalaya Residents Emergency Medical Assistance to render financial assistance to the needy Seniors.

4. VLN’s Nisarga Ayurdham:- (Ayurvedic Hospital) – This is in Nisarga Residential Layout situated at No.236-NE, Nisarga Layout, Bannerghatta Post, Bangalore – 560083.

5. Nirman Temples Trust:- This is a registered Trust established during 2009 looking after the day to day requirements of rituals and maintenance of the temples located in different layouts formed by the Company.

6. Anakru-Nirman Prathistana:- This Prathistana established in memory of Anakru identifies and honours every year either a poet or a laureate famed in Kannada literature & also distribution of Scholarships are being given to S.S.L.C and PUC students who scores highest marks during the year. Prof.G.Venkatasubbaiah is the Honarary President and V.Lakshminarayan is the Working president of this foundation.

7. VLN Nirman Purandara Prathistana:- This is a registered Trust established during 2011 with a view to promote Dasa Sahithya literature, Karnatic and other forms of Indian music, spirituality and philosophy.

Other than the above activities M/s.Nirman Shelters (B) Pvt.Ltd., owning the said registered trade mark, is not involved in any other activities and in particular the Founder-Chairman, V.Lakshminarayan, VLN in short form is not linked with any other business activities such as HOSTELS, HOTELS,EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS ETC., Therefore General Public and others are hereby cautioned not to get misguided or carried away by any imitation of the Trade mark by other miscreant Business people/Firms who indulge in such Unethical Business/Trade practices imitating our registered trade mark.

It is to be noted that infringement of our registered trademark by anybody either agency/firm/company in violation of exclusive rights granted to us under clause.36 of the trademark act vide license No.1784566 dt:12.02.2009, we will not be responsible in any manner for such illegal act punishable with imprisonment for a term upto 3 years with a penalty which may extend to the INR.2.00 lakhs

Managing Director